Recycling materials, clothing and furnature is a big part of my personal work and life. I want to give them a new purpose, letting them come back to life in the spaces I create. I would also like to bring awareness to the huge amount of reusable materials, clothing and interior that gets thrown away every day, and hopefully I can inspire others to recycle and be creative.

'Dreaming shortly'

This serie was inspired by my life and childhood home, and how I used to create spaces to play as a child. By using the same process of imagination and transformation I used this abandoned space to create and tell a new story. 

These three images was created as a final project for my BA (Hons) Photography Degree, and tok part in the degree show Folka, part of the annual Free Range Exibition in Brick Lane, London (June 2013)

'Summer ends'


'No one is waiting'


'Family Circus' 

This serie was created as a part my university degree. (2013)

The images show the four female creatives in my family that has been the morst influential to me and my photography.

One aspect of each family members personality and individuality that inspires me the most has been magnified to create a surreal portrait.  These images was created by only their own belongings and staged in rooms in their own homes.

MUA/styling by sister, (image nr.1)