Classic beauty


I'm back in Norway for a bit, working away and visiting family so sorry for the wait. 

Before I traveled back to Norway, a very good friend of mine and singer (Lise Mœland) came down for a visit. We always get super creative when ever we get together, so naturally we just had to take a day to make some magic happen! This is part one, hope you like it. 



Here is a shoot I did recently with the beautiful Maria from Ambition Models. Shot in Norway, makeup and styling by the one and only That Stylista

White hand painted jacked and white trousers by Ida Østby (Kassert)  More photos are on the way, so stay tuned.  Have a great weekend! 

90's vibe

I'm currently at the airport in Amsterdam waiting for my connecting flight to Bristol, so I thought I would share some photos from my shoot with the wonderful Sigrid from Ambition Models.  

mua/styling: that stylista


Ambition in Norway

A few months back I was approached by Ambition models in Norway about photographing some of their new talent. At the time I had just moved to the uk, so it had to be postponed until I decided to go back. Only two months later I had to fly back to Norway to sort out some paperwork, so I decided to set up as many shoots as I could in the three weeks I was going to be there. 

I arrived about two weeks ago and since then I have had two shoots. One of these was a 'day out' arranged by the agency, to photograph some of their models and to meet some of the other photographers that they work with. We where lucky with the wether, and I had the pleasure of photographing Anna Elise and Rosalia.

It was a very laid back and casual day, photographers and models mingling resulting in a lot of good images.

Heres some of the ones I shot! 

Rosalia, Ambition models.

Anna Elise, Ambition models.